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New England Expansion Strategies

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Company Overview
New England Expansion Strategies (NEES) provides project management and consulting services for companies and organizations of all sizes that are expanding, relocating, building or leasing a new facility, investing in equipment or training, hiring new employees, and/or consolidating. Specifically, we provide any or all of the following project services as required by the client: 
  • Government Incentives - Eligibility, Negotiations, and Approvals
  • Project Planning and Management
  • Permitting and Regulatory Approval Assistance
  • Site Search, Evaluation, and Selection
  • Energy Projects - Site Development & Interconnection
  • Green Building Assistance
  • Government Relations - Local, State, and Federal
  • Economic Development Projects - Feasibility, Planning, and Startup *


* See "Services" and "ED Project Planning"

NEES can add substantial value to client projects by:
  • Maximizing the value of government incentives thereby reducing project costs and creating substantial client savings
  • Optimizing the site location according to the client's human resources, operations, and financial requirements
  • Expediting the timetable through efficient and coordinated project management and proactive identification of issues
  • Minimizing uncertainties and risk related to the site, infrastructure, and construction
  • Leveraging broad network of relationships in the public and private sector to maximize quality, speed and efficiency
  • Helping the client get the project done on time and within budget 



Return on Investment
The payback period for the services provided by NEES is typically very short. The value of the government incentives alone can more than offset the fees charged by NEES and is likely to do so in the first year of the project.

How We Work With Clients
The first step is to meet with the client company to better understand their business and to identify specific areas where NEES can add immediate and concrete value and save money for the client. We then conduct a survey of the business and project to determine the company's eligibility for a wide range of government incentives that can provide real cost savings. NEES confirms eligibility, completes required applications, negotiates and secures all required approvals for the incentives, and can administer the incentive program for the client if preferred.
     If the client company is planning a facilities expansion, relocation, new construction, or consolidation, then NEES can provide its entire suite of services including project planning and coordination, site selection, incentives negotiations and approvals, and permitting assistance. On expansion projects where the client has employed a commercial real estate broker to conduct the site search, NEES can manage the incentives portion of the project working as a team with the real estate broker and the client to deliver the optimum incentives package thereby maximizing savings and minimizing project costs.  NEES is often referred to project proponents by their commercial real estate brokers who recommend NEES in order to help their client (project proponent) save money through the use of government incentives.  We consider commercial real estate brokers as our partners in the commercial expansion process. 
     NEES provides its services to all companies, large and small, including startups, and we can scale our project scope and fees to accommodate the size of the project and the resources of the company. NEES combines strong local and regional knowledge of New England along with global site selection and incentives coverage where needed.
New England Expansion Strategies understands that clients may have a strong need for confidentiality on a particular project. We are very experienced at managing confidentiality even on large scale projects. We will employ all strategies available to help maintain the client's desired level of confidentiality including signing non-disclosure agreements and assigning project code names when applicable.