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New England Expansion Strategies

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Renewable Energy
New England Expansion Strategies provides project management services for renewable energy development projects including wind, solar, biomass, geothermal, fuel cells, hydro, and waste-to-energy. Whether the project is commercial-scale, community-scale, or behind-the-meter, NEES can add value, streamline project timetables, and reduce costs. Specific services provided include:
  • Project management
  • Site search and selection
  • Site testing (wind measurement, acoustic, shadow flicker, archaeological)
  • Site development (zoning, variances, permitting - local, state, federal, site plan)
  • Interconnection Planning
  • Interconnection Agreement - Negotiate IA with utility and/or ISO-New England 
  • Incentives: TIF, PILOT's, Production Tax Credits, Investment Tax Credits, Loans, Grants
  • Power Purchasing Agreement - Presentations, RFP bid proposals, Contract negotiation 


NEES has provided project management services to two of the largest commercial-scale wind energy developments in Massachusetts. NEES has provided:
Site Selection and Testing
  • Performed site search and selection
  • Managed Site testing - acoustic, photo simulation, shadow flicker, archaeological survey, wind resource - Met Tower and

              SODAR, transportation survey


Site Development and Permitting

  • Obtained Height and Use Variances from host municipality
  • Secured FAA height permits
  • Developed and submitted Project Notification Form to MA Historical Commission
  • Obtained site clearance for endangered species from Division of Fisheries & Wildlife
  • Coordinated Site Plan Review
  • Coordinated MEPA Review


  • Obtained pre-development loans from MA Clean Energy Center
  • Negotiated and secured municipal and state approval of PILOT Agreement
  • Secured state approval of Tax Increment Financing (TIF) and Investment Tax Credits

  • Managed interconnection negotiations with National Grid and ISO - New England
  • Coordinated interconnection planning
  • Identified interconnection site
  • Negotiated ready-to execute Interconnection Agreement with National Grid

Power Purchase Agreement
  • Developed PPA presentation for utilities and municipal power companies
  • Prepared & submitted RFP Bid Proposal to utilities under the Green Communities Act
  • Project was selected for the RFP short list by NSTAR and Northeast Utilities
  • Negotiated and executed long-term Power Purchase Agreement with NSTAR