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"Rod Jané of New England Expansion Strategies recently completed work for The MathWorks, Inc. as a project consultant in the area of government incentives.  The company's expansion project is expected to result in the creation of more than 600 new jobs, the retention of over 1,800 positions, and a private investment of $100+ million making it one of the largest expansion projects in our company's history.  So we took very seriously the selection of a project consultant with expertise in government incentives and interviewed several well-qualified candidates.  We selected Rod Jané of New England Expansion Strategies.  Rod immediately organized the project in order to assist us in qualifying for tax incentives through the
Massachusetts EDIP program.  Rod's in-depth knowledge of the EDIP program, including
recent and significant changes to the program, were very valuable. He organized the
timetables and tasks for our team, completed all the required applications, set up
numerous meetings with local and state officials, and stayed on top of it all the way
through final approval.  We highly recommend Rod and would use him again."
- Doug Barbo, Senior Manager of Tax & Treasury, The MathWorks, Inc.

"Cold Chain Technologies, Inc. is a world-class manufacturer of engineered temperature-controlled packaging servicing the life sciences industry.  We are in the process of completing the largest expansion in our company's history, relocating and consolidating three Massachusetts facilities into one new larger facility.  With this expansion, the company anticipates adding 55 new full-time jobs over the next five years to its current Massachusetts base of 135 full-time positions.  Rod Jané of New England Expansion Strategies was engaged to help us evaluate the impact of government incentives at various expansion sites that were being evaluated.  As we down-selected to a 230,000 sq. ft. industrial facility in Franklin, MA, Rod then helped us negotiate a Tax Increment Financing Agreement with the Town.  He also assisted us in obtaining EDIP investment tax credits from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for the project.  The substantial savings created by those incentives were important to making our Massachusetts expansion project economically feasible. Rod's thorough analysis allowed us to identify all of the applicable government incentives and to maximize the value of the 
incentive programs.  Throughout
the project, Rod kept us fully informed.  I was impressed 
with Rod's professionalism, knowledge, attention to detail, and responsiveness.  Importantly, Rod
developed a very positive working
relationship with the town of Franklin, which has been exceptionally supportive of our expansion
project.  Any 
company undertaking an expansion project will be very 
well served to have Rod as
of their team."

- Larry Gordon, Chief Executive Officer

"One of the most beneficial things we did when relocating and expanding our manufacturing operation in West Bridgewater, MA was to hire Rod Jané of New England Expansion Strategies.   Rod was a key member of  our project team.  He managed the government incentives and permitting for the project, which will result in 112 new jobs for West Bridgewater and a $23 million investment to expand our manufacturing capacity.  Rod's knowledge of the incentives programs was impressive and important.  There were some complexities and challenges to our project that Rod identified, addressed and resolved proactively.  His organizational and communication skills were outstanding as he kept the entire team on top of the status and next steps virtually every day.   He immediately built a great working relationship with town officials and boards with his professionalism, responsiveness, follow-through, courtesy, and integrity.  This was West Bridgewater's first Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Agreement and town officials publicly stated that Rod played a key role in making it happen by clearly communicating the program's financial structure, benefits, and requirements to the town and by navigating the negotiations toward an agreement that was strongly supported by both the town and our company.  Rod's  services were turn-key as he made it an easy process for the town and our company.  The result  was unanimous approval of the TIF by Town Meeting.  In addition to the TIF, Rod helped us obtain an investment tax credit and an Abandoned Building Tax Deduction.  Together these incentives will save the company several million dollars and were key to the project's economic  viability.   We would hire Rod again and enthusiastically recommend him."

- Mark Kasberg, Treasurer, Cheer Pack North America, LLC 

"Rod Jané of New England Expansion Strategies played an extremely valuable role for Classic Envelope, Inc. during the relocation and expansion of our manufacturing operation into an abandoned manufacturing building in Douglas, Massachusetts. Rod helped our company obtain a Tax Increment Financing Agreement with the town, as well as EDIP investment tax credits and an Abandoned Building Tax Deduction from the state. Rod is professional, super-organized, a team player, and gets things done. He has developed very positive working relationships with town and state officials through his communication skills, knowledge of the incentives programs, and attention to detail.  He made the process very easy for the town, the state, and our company. Over the life of the project, we expect to save in the neighborhood of a half million dollars because of the efforts of Rod Jané and New England Expansion Strategies"
- Michael DeCaro, President of Classic Envelope, Inc.
As a newly hired Plant Manager of an established manufacturing company I was asked to evaluate expansion options at our Westborough, MA facility. With two jobs to do at once,  I needed help.   Local economic development and business leaders  recommended the use of New England Expansion Strategies and Rod Jane’.  Rod organized the project proactively.  We evaluated several site options for the expansion and selected the optimum solution which involved the acquisition of an abutting parcel.  We quickly presented plans to the Town and to our new German corporate board, which allowed them to make timely decisions.  Rod navigated us through the government incentives process by negotiating a Tax Increment Financing Agreement with the Town of Westborough and presenting the project to Town Meeting, which overwhelmingly approved the TIF Agreement.  Rod then helped us obtain a $400,000 Investment Tax Credit from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and clearly demonstrated an in-depth knowledge of the incentives programs.  Not only did his efforts result in over $430,000 in project savings, but the approvals also helped gain the trust of our new German owners, RKW Group, as it demonstrated strong local and state support of the expansion project.  Rod Jané then guided us through several key permitting and regulatory approval steps including zoning approvals, Massachusetts DOT Permit, and demolition approval from the Westborough Historical Commission. Rod has been instrumental in keeping the project moving forward. His experience, leadership, intelligence, and diligence fit together with our needs. Rod is very effective at organizing and coordinating project activity by providing frequent updated timelines and staying on top of next steps with the project team.  As the project progresses I know that he will continue to provide valued counsel and a professional approach to our project.  I look forward to continuing to work with Rod and New England Expansion Strategies as we move through the remainder of the project. 
- Clark Sylvester, Plant Manager, RKW Group - Danafilms, Inc.
 "We acquired the industrial facility at One United Drive in West Bridgewater to effectively bring an abandoned building out of foreclosure and to provide a new facility for Cheer Pack North America's expanded  manufacturing operations.   The building use was being changed from distribution to manufacturing and was located in a Water Resource Protection District.  The project required a Special Permit, Site Plan Review, and a Building Permit before renovations could begin.  Rod Jané of New England Expansion Strategies was hired to coordinate all permitting activities.  Rod helped us obtain all three permits in 48 days.  What makes Rod particularly effective is his professionalism, organizational and communication skills, his work ethic, and the very positive working relationships he built with the company and town officials.  He understood the requirements of each permit thoroughly and communicated these to the team.  Then, he consistently kept the company and town teams updated on the status and next steps for each of the permits.  When issues were encountered, he came up with an action plan and the right resources to get it resolved quickly.  The speed with which Rod helped us obtain permits will ultimately translate into millions of dollars of revenue for our tenant - Cheer Pack North America - who can now move forward with an aggressive time-line to start up their manufacturing process.  Rod   was an enormous asset to the team and I strongly recommend him"

- Joseph Sullivan, Jr. , President, One United LLC
"The diligence and persistence demonstrated by the Massachusetts Office of Business Development under the leadership of Rod Jané was critical in putting together an attractive proposal that allowed Nuvera to stay and grow in Massachusetts. Rod stayed on top of this project from beginning to end."
- Roberto Cordaro, Chief Executive Officer of Nuvera Fuel Cells
"Rod's leadership was instrumental in helping to build the Business Resource Team, bringing together 23 of the most important economic development organizations in Massachusetts under one umbrella to help businesses grow. This initiative dramatically improved the state's business development efforts and has had an enormous impact on the Commonwealth's ability to retain and attract new businesses."
- Ranch C. Kimball, former Secretary of Economic Development and current CEO of Joslin Diabetes Center
"Rod Jané of New England Expansion Strategies provided substantial assistance to Emseal by identifying a low interest rate real estate and equipment loan for the expansion of our manufacturing facility. My only regret is that I did not bring Rod into the project sooner, as I believe he would have saved us even more time and money."
- Lester Hensley, Chief Executive Officer of Emseal Joint Systems, Ltd.
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