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New England Expansion Strategies

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Delivering Real Value and Savings for Companies and Organizations on the Move


New England Expansion Strategies provides project management and consulting

services for companies and organizations that are expanding-in-place, relocating, building or leasing a new facility, consolidating and/or investing in training or new equipment. NEES helps clients to maximize project value and minimize costs by developing and implementing the project plan, maximizing the value of government incentives, optimizing site selection, and streamlining the permitting and regulatory process allowing the client to more efficiently manage the project from beginning to end. As a result, the project should be on-line faster, at lower cost, and with fewer surprises. The payback period for the client can be very short with the value of government incentives alone typically more than paying for NEES fees in the first year of the project.

The Problem
The complex maze of real estate, municipal government, state government, economic development incentives, environmental and land use regulations, local and state permitting, and zoning by-laws can make the prospect of managing an expansion project overwhelming to senior executives who also have a business to run. This challenging maze can slow down projects, create huge unanticipated cost over-runs, and create a distraction that can take management's eye off the day-to-day operations of their own business and negatively impact the bottom line.
The Solution - New England Expansion Strategies
New England Expansion Strategies brings extensive senior management experience and expertise to the table to help your team navigate through this complex maze and complete the project on time and within budget. We have managed some of the largest and most complicated business development projects in New England including the successful recruitment of Bristol Myers Squibb to Massachusetts, resulting in the creation of 550 new jobs and a $1.1 billion investment. Our broad, comprehensive, and detailed knowledge of government incentives programs will help ensure that the project proponent is taking full advantage of all available incentives programs in order to maximize project savings.  NEES has a broad network of key relationships with leaders in state and local government, commercial real estate, real estate development, real estate law, civil engineering, and construction. NEES will hit the ground with our feet running and help your team manage the project effectively and efficiently with the maximum possible savings from government incentives.

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New England Expansion Strategies


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Our Commitment to You


New England Expansion Strategies abides by the values and principles that I have followed my entire career. We manage  our projects in a professional, thorough, and diligent manner.  We are very well organized and pay attention to detail. We manage all of our projects and working relationships with respect, courtesy, and integrity. We work with all types of client companies and organizations - large and small, private and public, for-profits and non-profits. As former Executive Director of the Massachusetts Office of Business Development under Governors Romney and Patrick, I have a very positive

and well earned reputation throughout the industry and with state and municipal officials. It is our intention to maintain that reputation and to continue to enhance it. We have a passion for results and possess the capabilities, experience, and work ethic to deliver them. It is vitally important to us that when a project is completed, our client is entirely convinced that New England Expansion Strategies has added value, reduced costs, and expedited the project timetable. We look forward to working  with you and to making a positive impact on your company's performance.

Rod Jané

President and Founder

New England Expansion Strategies